CUTTING a model in half

Hello: It’s me again. I have a model. I wish to cut the base off of the model, and put my own base on. WIRECUT won’t work because it’s a mesh. So I tried the MESHSPLIT command. I created a very thin solid box, and slid it into position where I want the cut made. It asked me what the object was, so I selected it. It then asked me what I wanted to cut with, so I selected the thin box. After the command was completed, the model was STILL NOT CUT IN HALF. Can somebody please tell me how to do this, or tell me what I am doing wrong? ALL I want to do, is cut the base off of the model.

Thank you,

Karl S.

Since you don’t provide us with a file, we can only speculate. I suspect that you are running into the same issue as last time. So… DON’T USE A THIN BOX.

Use a single plane. Most likely, the space between the bottom part of your mesh and the top part of the mesh - i.e. the thin space between the top and bottom of that THIN box - is gone but since this is a mesh and meshes can be joined into a single mesh even though they are physically separated objects, you are still getting one single mesh.

Thank you, Wim…I had to use the MESHTONURB command, as none of the mesh cut commands would work.
I got it.

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Karl S

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Use extractmeshfaces. Window select the base. Hit enter. Voila.