CutPlane command

Sorry for asking so many questions. But, once again I’m stalled, due to the lack of clarity in the instructions. Exercise 18 for SURFACE CONTINUITY, “to make the top surface”. Instruction number 6 says to use the CutPlane command to make a cutting plane at the origin in the z-axis. On the command line it says “Select objects for cut planes”. The tutorial illustrations give no indication of which objects are to be used. All help will be appreciated Thanks! The snapshot shows where I’m at in the tutorial.

Hi James - use CutPlane, in as Side view, on everything (i.e. select everything). Se the first point at 0, and then drag out to one side with Ortho to make the plane horizontal. CutPlane looks at all the selected objects and makes a plane that is big enougn to cut through all of them, and then some, regardless of the location of the two input points or the distance between them - these just define a line that the plane will follow.

What I usually do though is simply make a plane (Plane command) in Top that sits right in the CPlane under all of the surfaces. The idea is to close off, at the bottom, the volume contained by all the overlapping surfaces.


I gave up on trying to use the CUTPLANE command. Instead, I used the TRIM command. It worked perfectly. I know I should use the CUTPLANE command to see how to work it properly. But, for now I’m happy with the results since TRIM accomplished what I was trying to do. Enjoy the Super Bowl if your a football fan! And, Thanks Again!