Cut Plane Issues stl

Hi, i tried to cut this stl via cut plane.
Somehow its not possible in this orientation.
Any Ideas?
Cuttimg Plane Issue.3dm (166.5 KB)

Hi - I’m afraid that the current mesh tools don’t like situations where meshes have faces that greatly differ in size. You could try to somehow remesh this, but for a simple shape like this, it would probably be easier to just remodel this with NURBS surfaces.

@piac - just fyi - I messed with this mesh in V7 and could not get the job done there either - maybe the mesh attached above would be a good test case for imperfect-mesh operations…


Thanks @pascal. So far only _MeshIntersect and _MeshSelfIntersect in V7 are new. The rest is exactly equal to V5, because the code underlying the new commands is still WIP. If you want, you can still create a new YT item with this.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Thanks for your help.
The Rhino Rebuild Mesh did not work.
I saved the object as an stl, repaired it with netfabb and than it worked.

One of the problems seemed to be cutting through the hole at one part of the object. If the cutplane did not cut through the hole, there were no issue.


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