Cut on a surface


Hello, how it is possible to correct this roughness on a surface? Rebuild - does not help.



Are you able to post the model or that part of it?

It could be just a graphical issue, it looks OK there.

Have a look at the render mesh properties:



You can also run the command ShowEdges to see if there is a split…


Thank you very much! All problem was in “Render mesh quality”…


What to do if in one element of model Smooth, and in other Custom element is required?

(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi Modeler - in object properties you can assign a custom mesh setting per object.



Hi Pascal, works…


Kind of off topic, but is there a way to show/hide surface edges per object?

(Pascal Golay) #9

Hi Lawrence- all that comes to mind is using SetObjectDisplayMode .