Cut lines on the intersectionpoints with a surface

hello there,
i’ve a mesh/lines which i need to cut on a planar surface. I need the points because i want to make a structural engeneering model and these points are the bearings of the gridshell.
because the mesh is no surface i can’t figure out how to do it.
thanks a lot!

Kugel und netz 001_1.dwg (71.5 KB)

Hello Flolein,

Just make a planar surface and trim the lines at the surface… I don’t quite understand to which points you want to keep?

A rhino file is attached with the trimmed lines, also the intersecting points to the planar surface (in a group) are added.

Kugel und netz 001_1.3dm (163.2 KB)



To trim the mesh you can create a horizontal line where you want to cut it and then use MeshTrim to trim the mesh to the line.


thank you so much.
yes that is what i needed… sorry for the dumb question ^^

No problem!

Only dumb answers exists :wink: