Cut depth in grasshopper Style

I’m trying to create a grasshopper window style of a Roller shutter box, and the cut depth start from the middle and not from The exterior of the wall,
in a basic win style it works differently, do you know what should I do to fix it?

Hello @11170,

Window styles are design to cut the wall from exterior to interior. If you need an element which just cuts part of the wall, I suggest you use a furniture or element Grasshopper Style and create the hole using the vaSubtractSolids command (you can automate this last step with a Grasshopper definition which creates a solid taking the shape of the roller shutter box and performes the subtraction in the wall where it is being placed).

I’m interested it to subtract from the outside in but it does the subtract from the center which is a bit weird

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Hi @11170,

Maybe I missunderstood, do you need it to cut the wall completely? Please, send me the Gh definition and I’ll take a look to it.