Cut and fill bison_ customization of generated cut and fill

hello everyone,

I was able to successfully generate the cut and fill using bison, i’m trying to show the generated cut and fill in a more visually appealing format.
is it possible to change the colors and and generate topography lines around the generated cut and fill field ?

any help much appreciated

We don’t really have specific Bison advice, but the Land Kit plugin has some solutions for this issue. It can do slope and elevation visualizations really easily. Those are part of Topo Kit.

The Pro version also makes Cut+Fill visualization really smooth and easy, which also returns cut and fill volume amounts.

If you’re doing other landscape analysis, Plant Kit also includes environment analysis for elevation, slope, upslope area, sun exposure, proximity, and more. These can all be used to drive planting design.

Topo Relief_Analysis.3dm (5.7 MB) (18.8 KB)

(Download — Land Kit)

You can also find a Topo Kit starter video at this link: Topo Kit — Land Kit

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