CustomRenderMeshProvider2 no longer working in R8?

Is CustomRenderMeshProvider2 no longer implemented in Rhino 8? I use this class to instruct Rhino which meshes not to draw, but as of R8 the technique appears not work.

I can confirm that my .WillBuildCustomMeshes() override is called and returns true, but Rhino draws its native meshes anyway. Is this a bug? Or is there a new way of doing this? @nathanletwory’s comment here suggests that @andy may have rewritten the system, but I don’t see any obvious clues in the docs.

This is indeed something for @andy to explain in more detail on how it is supposed to work.

Thanks @nathanletwory.

@andy any insights here?

Correct. It has been deprecated and replaced by Rhino.Render.CustomRenderMeshes.RenderMeshProvider


Thanks @andy. Quick follow up question: How can one force a refresh? Previously we would call CustomRenderMeshProvider2.DocumentBasedMeshesChanged()