Customizing the transform/morph/surface box

The default configuration of the Box-morph command is a collection of boxes on the UV grid. I need to change this to a diamond pattern. Is that possible? And how?

Pufferfish plugin has several twisted box features.


Looks interesting,

Thank you


Your tip was very helpful. I got it to work, and added a scale feature to it. I am new to this, but i see huge potential. I was hoping you could help me again. I wanted to add a curve attractor to it and found one on the grasshopper site. I can’t seem to integrate it in. Can you have a look?


pufferfish test (13.3 KB)

All base param containers are empty.

See No.3

I uploaded the complete file to the discussion board along with the image of what I want. I have added a bit more to the chain. I am still not able to fade the scale.

diamond.3dm (2.24 MB)

test (17.4 KB)