Customizing Gumball / Accessing functionality via command line

I’m not a huge fan of the gumball, mainly because it packs so much functionality into a small space and I often fumble around clicking the wrong thing once or twice before I get to the tool I want. I use an enlarged mouse so I think this probably contributes to this issue. I’m wondering if there’s a way to access or replicate some of the gumball functions using the command line.

What I’d be interested in doing would be things like:

  1. Turning on and off certain parts of the gumball (i.e. disabling the rotation handles)

  2. Automating the constrained movements or rotating from the object center using macros, simulating gumball-like functionality using the command line

Would either of these be possible?


Don’t know if this is a recommended workaround, but you can for example set the Arc thickness in Gumball settings to 0, which makes it disappear.

With scripts no problem, the Gumball uses the objects’ bounding box center by default (unless moved elsewhere) easily scriptable. Note in the commands Move and Copy (but not Rotate), an Enter for the “From” point will also use the bounding box center, so macros are also possible.

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This can be done with the GumballSettings command and the Handles option. It’ll show a list that allows toggling on and off all the different controls on the gumball.


Ah, I was sure I had seen that somewhere once, but when I went looking for it in Options I couldn’t find it again…

These are just runtime command options so they’ll reset between sessions. I flip back and forth on whether or not certain Gumball options should be in the advanced settings and persist or reset. I’m leaning towards advanced settings with these now that I’m taking a look again.


I agree, having the ability to customize over multiple sessions (both in the advanced settings and via the command line) would make it possible to focus on the most useful functions for your workflow.

Thanks Mitch, this was helpful! I ChatGPT’d a basic script for center rotation on the XY Plane for anyone who wants it. Had one snag with the dynamic drawing for preselected objects but otherwise working pretty well… (3.0 KB)