Customizing EtoCollapsibleSection

is there a way how to customize EtoCollapsibleSection?
Specificaly, I would like to change color of divider and size of the font.

@maxsoder - is this something you can help with?

No, it is not yet possible. We have a YT issue for a request to change the font, but I added the request of the divider color to it.

And isn’t there some workaround for font? I managed to change the Color property of divider and it works. I was trying to do the same with ((Label)Header).Font or assigning a whole new Label to this but without success.

Thanks for help

It should be possible, but I found a bug that prevents the setting of the Font for the label.

I made a fix for it. The fix is in v7.5.

Then one can use the below code to change the font.

BR, Max

      m_holder.Styles.Add<Rhino.UI.Controls.CollapsibleSectionContainerHandler>(null, c =>
        Eto.Forms.Label title = c.Header as Eto.Forms.Label;
        if (title != null)
          title.Font = new Eto.Drawing.Font("Arial", 24, Eto.Drawing.FontStyle.Italic, Eto.Drawing.FontDecoration.Underline);