Customizing Commands, unexpected behaviour

While customizing a command, I noticed something unexpected, and I am wondering whether this had been intended behaviour or not.
For the purpose of this topic, I will call the lower left hand panel of the customizing window the “Vault”.

The sequence of my actions:

  • Add the ProjectToCPlane icon to my Popup palette.
  • Change the macro in the RH lower panel. (to _ProjectToCPlane _Pause _Yes). The modified macro appears in the RH top panel next to the icons of the Popup palette.
  • Close the customizing window and check to see if functions ok from the Popup.
  • Open the Transform palette and click the ProjectToCPlane icon. To my surprise this functions as before, without skipping the Yes/No option as I intended.
  • Open the Transform menu, select “Project to CPlane”. Also this functions as before my change to the macro
  • Open the customizing window again to check what is going on, and open the Transform palette definition, select the ProjectToCPlane icon. The macro appears as the default, i.e. without the added bit. The icon in the vault still shows my additional text.
  • Restore the macro in the vault to the original text. Do not change anything to the Popup palette definition. The macro in the Popup changes with the one in the vault!
  • As a final test, I selected the Transform palette in the customizing window, removed the icon in question and reinstated it by dragging it from the vault (with the modified macro). Then the macro is updated as you would expect.

My conclusion:

  • The macros in the Popup palette are linked directly to the vault.
  • The macros in the default palettes are not updated until the relevant icon is removed and reinstated by dragging it from the vault.

I did not check the behaviour of my other added palettes.

Mind you, the above suits me fine. I can now select the ProjectToCPlane command from the Popup without having to change the default “No” option to “Yes”, as I almost always use this command to project objects to the CPlane and remove the original object. And if I do need to keep the original, I can select the command from the Transform palette :slightly_smiling_face:
But I was just wondering.


I checked it now (the “Modified Palettes” in the customizing panel), and they behave in the same way as the Popup palette, i.e. changing the macro in the vault automatically changes the macro in the palette.