Customized extrusions along various lines?

How can I extrude a customized section profile along multiple lines?

I am attempting to use sweep but the I get squashed / distorted profiles, that too all placed on the section itself. Please help.

Currently I am experimenting with a rectangle, but I would also like to with another customized profile internalized as a separate curve parameter.


CUSTOM (86.5 KB)

CUSTOM (165.3 KB)

like this?


Yes. Thanks a lot! Is there a way so that the extensions trim themselves automatically so that we have a clean framework of rectangular tubes?


BUT, for eye candy you can try some ‘lazy’ things if you’re okay with quick-n-dirtys and good-enoughs or close-enoughs :slight_smile:

if you want, check (carefully) options in this file:
CUSTOM (196.7 KB)

*no, it doesn’t take care of ‘customized extrusions along lines’ :slight_smile:

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Thank you.