Customized Display Mode Won't Print or -ViewCaptureToFile in Rhino6 Using Parallel Desktop


I’m trying to do -ViewCaptureToFile to save images under a customized display mode “FlatColor” but no image is saved. There’s no error reported. And same as I tried to Print. In fact, this happens to all my customized display modes. The default modes are working. Please see attached “FlatColor.ini”.
FlatColor.ini (11.6 KB)

I’m using:
Parallel Desktop 11.1.1 with Window 10
Mac OS 10.13.6, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7
Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

I’m guessing it has something to do with Parallel setting or Parallel itself but hope there’s a way to resolve it. Thank you very much!


Hi Lu,

Unfortunately parallel is an unsupported virtual machine:

The problem you are experiencing are probably due to some compatibility issue.

Not only is Parallels - in fact running Rhino on any virtual machine - not supported by McNeel due to the extra workload required to maintain compatibility through the successive version changes of both Rhino and the virtualization software, Parallels itself has not kept up with the OpenGL requirements of Rhino 6. Rhino 5’s OpenGL requirements were well within the capabilities of Parallels so no extra effort was required by McNeel and Rhino would work despite not being officially supported. Rhino 6 brought with it major changes in the display system which used features contained only in a much later version of OpenGL which Parallels chose not to support for reasons of their own. Result: Rhino 6 won’t do many of it’s improved things running under Parallels.

BTW: I see that your version of Parallels is 11.1.1. The latest version is, I think, 14.something, and includes changes to work better with Windows 10 as well as many new capabilities of it’s own. But yes, they do want more money to upgrade.

Thank you for the clarification and suggestion! Actually, it worked well for my Rhino 5 under Parallel with Windows 7 before but I recently switched to Rhino 6. I guess keeping both Rhino versions might be a good thing to do for now.

Sure, I was just hoping there’s a way around. Thanks, Willem!