Customize curve editing using editpoints/grevillepoints in RhinoCommon

Hi all,

I am trying to implement a customized version of editpoints-editing for a curve, where they can be dragged over a mesh and snap to specific construction point and objects. In addition, I need a different visualization of these edit points than the standard one.

It seems that the NurbsCurve.GrevillePoints() function would be useful for this, but I wouldn’t know how to (dynamically) update my curve when one of these points has been moved. Just interpolating the points is not the optimal solution for me, since this has a non-local effect: it modifies the entire curve.

Can anyone point me to a good resource that could help me?



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I would also be interested in this topic if there is a way to do that. I am trying to implement variable offset curves and I would need something like this.

I found it, CustomGripObject!