Customizable 3D printed Rhino keyboard increases my CAD speed

This custom keyboard was created to speed up my 3D CAD development. My 60 most used Rhino commands are now just a click or two away. The keyboard is fully customizable, uses standard components and is easy to replicate since it does not use a PCB, instead everything is 3D printed using the 3DPCB idea.

Details, pictures, videos and building instructions can be found here:

  • 33 keys (5x6+3)
  • Easy to customize (printable keycaps with laminated paper inlay)
  • Anyone can build it using a 3D-printer (FFF/FDM), common components and a soldering iron.
  • QMK firmware (allowing advanced keyboard layout)
  • Replaceable keycaps – twist and release
  • Using common 6x6mm TACT switches
  • Anti-ghosting using 1N4148 diodes
  • No PCB required (everything is 3D printed)
  • Low activation force (depending on switches)
  • Ergonomic – half size keyboard enables shoulder width position of hands.

Let me know what you think!


Awesome, I would love to buy it !