Custom toolbars are still a mess

My custom toolbar layout from V5 loaded into V6. I have the Osnaps as well as another toolbar docked next to the command line. Not only do they not go back to their original size when resizing the window, but every time I close Rhino and restart, the Osnap toolbar switches place with the other one… Watch the video to the end…


@JohnM any ideas on these issues?

Hi Mitch - same here with the OSnap/Command Line/Filter docking - it’s just broken.

There is


Something is defiantly wrong with the OSnap and Filter docking, there is a bug logged and I’m looking into it.

Defiantly is a good description… :smile:

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208 days later… Still marked as “next up” and “in progress”… :rage:

Despite the fact that fixes were checked in on 17 June, here it’s still completely dysfunctional… :confounded:

mitch, developers choose when and what to fix, not us. this is a minor problem.
i sent a crash report yesterday so the next up should be that… let’s be realistic…
also, i’ve seen bugs fixed after 2 years later… you should have known the fact that you cannot control over.

Hey -

Let’s put it simply here. Don’t comment on my bug reports and I won’t comment on yours…


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I’m sorry to comment about this here but I don’t feel the above is really appropriate… Both positive and negative comments are OK and even appreciated here, as long as the negative ones are generally aimed at improving the software, and do not get abusive or personally insulting.

This is not a publicity site for McNeel where only the positive side of things is revealed; it is one of the most open forums discussion on the net around their software products. Hopefully people coming here (even newcomers) will notice that and appreciate the willingness of McNeel to engage in discussion with their users and use that information to continue to develop their products.


Read your comments you’ve previously made.

i was trying to correct your misconceptions because i realized you have a lot space to grow. i don’t know if the word cute fits you, but thats the only word comes up in my mind. when you take things personally, things get ugly, mitch. i think you are mature enough to become a leader or earning respects for the rest. unfortunately, you have gained a lot enemies i guess. decades of age gaps between you and me, and i still hardly believe this.

keep making mistakes, mitch.

You are just hilarious… Haven’t laughed so hard in a long time, thanks…


Well, that escalated quickly :wink: I think the misunderstanding here is that when checking the youtrack item, it has already been marked as completed. Mitch’s comment it that it is still not functioning correctly for him despite the youtrack status, which is something McNeel should know.

Mitch has also been through and participated in several (if I recall correctly, all) Rhino WIP and beta development cycles, so I wouldn’t completely discount his expectations of development speed, as well as his amiable relationships with the developers and community as a whole. Sometimes you just need to be the squeaky wheel on problems that really bug you. Over the years there have been many squeaky wheels who I mentally thank now and again when using a tool in Rhino because I know that tool works so much better now that the persistent squeakyness earned some grease :slight_smile:


Sam, you have much better communication skills than us. Let’s focus on rhino development…peace…
Mitch, :grin:

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