Custom Tool

I am fairly new to Rhino and I was wondering if custom tools could be made?
I have attached a picture showing what i would like the tool to do. any help is appreciated.

PIC.pdf (25.7 KB)

Hi Briwhittle, welcome to Rhino Forums.

Are you simply concerned with flat 2D lines as drawn in your PIC, or do you envisage your tool working with 3D surfaces?

The former could be made quite easily, the latter would be harder.



Yes you can script commands in a variety of ways from simple lists of commands to Python or C# scripts via GrassHopper : search for scripting in Rhino to get started.

sorry for the late response. but this will be strickly 2d.

Hello - ‘by hand’, you’d Fillet the inner pointy, then Offset the fillet by .128… then some trimming and joining - possibly CurveBoolean - is the goal to do this once or a few times, or a bunch? It might be easier to script/automate if you had only two curves and not the offsets - as is it seems tricky, to me.


yes i currently do all this “by hand” the way you stated.
i do this repeatedly and I was just hoping there was a way to script this instead.

The easiest way to start writing a script is to use: Command method.

In Rhinoscript: Rhino.Command “_Offset 0.128”
In Python: rs.Command “_Offset 0.128”

And start scripting repeating steps you do manually.
When you get comfortable, you can go into native Rhinoscript or Python methods.

Read Primer pdfs first though. They are a great way to get yourself acquainted with scripting.