Custom section view for elements

Any way to add custom section view for elements (like on the image below)?

Hi @Sven_Duplić,

You can define section attributes but not a different geometrical representation for the section. In which cases do you need this feature?

In every section I’d like to represent some objects better than their default section representation. For example, I’d like to represent this tree:

… like this

Hi @Sven_Duplić,

If you want to represent a tree like that, we develop another BIM plug-in for landscape architecture for Rhino. With this other software you can specify the elevation/section representation of any tree. The plug-in is called Lands Design and you can find more information about it here:

Anyway, the feature you are requesting might be useful in other cases as well, so I will add it to the VisualARQ wishlist.