Custom .rui Menu item bitmap problem


I have been trying to use bitmap images in custom menu items, and ran into this problem:
when creating new menu item, I can create small icon (EditBitmap) and it will stay and display OK.
However when I don’t do that while creating new item, later on when editing bitmap via menu item properties, the new bitmap is not saved and does not show in the menu. The same goes for any edits to the bitmap that I created in the first shot. Does anyone see the same issue?




Are you on SR11? When editing a button you can CTRL + Shift + Click on an item to edit it, but are you editing the right size? On the image below you see “Image to edit”.

16x16 = Button size Small
24x24 = Button size Medium
32x32 = Button size Large

Also after editing a button go to Tools > Toolbar layout… > Right click your toolbar > Save
If you don’t save it is possible that the edit will not be saved.

Hope this solves your problem.

Hi @jordy1989, thanks, and yes, I am on SR11 64-bit.

It works with buttons. Where I have problem is trying to edit the icon via the Menu editor.
I go to Options > Toolbars and RMB on the selected .rui file and pick MenuEditor.
From there, the behavior described above does not work on my end, no matter if I save rui file or not.

I have just discovered that for each menu item a Macro is automatically created, so if I find it in Macro Editor and update the bitmap icon there, it works OK. But it would be good it the edits from the Menu Editor worked directly as well. Can you see this problem as well?

thanks again–

Hi Jarek- I see that - It looks like you need to edit the macro bitmap from the macro list on the right and not from the menu item properties - that seems to stick. Thanks for the report…



Hi Pascal, yes, that’s it - thanks for testing this out.