Custom render setting

Hi Everybody , please, don’t blame me if I’m asking something which is already been discussed.
I couldn’t find any other case similar to my one.

I work in a team of 20 , spreaded around the world.

I end the process of the design creating data libraries with the models and all the related infos.

One task is create a render for each model . Consider I render 1000s of models and those are divided in 100s of files.

All the renders must be 640:480 , low quality , white background , studio light for reflection , no ground plane . For all of them we use one single custom material.

Now , everytime I open a file to render, I find a different render setting and I need to adjust it according to my requirements.

Could you imagine doing this for 100s times ?!

Considering that I don’t have the option to work with the same template , is there a way I can automatically adjust these setting ?

I don’t know , a script or any where in the code where this can be defined .

I really couldn’t find the right way to achive this .

Please , you experts, if you have an idea or an hint , I’ll be very gratefull :slight_smile:


Hi @ftoledo
Welcome :slight_smile: I don’t know if this would be enough for you, but if you set up your start-up template to your liking (env., render size, ground plane etc.) and then import the 3DM file (instead of opening it), the settings from your template should take precendence the settings in the imported file. You could easily make a macro to select all objects and assign a pre-defined material. The macro would go something like SelAll -Properties Material Object Rhinoceros Assign Materialname Enter where Materialname is the name of a material that’s already in your template file. You can put the macro on a button or as an alias. You could even combine it with an Import command in the beginning and a Render command at the end, so that all you have to is select the file and where to save the rendering. If the template is not enough, yes, the entire thing can probably be made as a macro (or script, if you are so inclined). The dash version of the various commands (eg. -Properties) (Groundplane, Render, Properties, Options etc.) should expose all of the settings needed.
HTH, Jakob

Hi Alberto -
As Jakob points out, there are a few things you can do.

The following macro will set the 640x480 size, white background, and turn the ground plane off:

-DocumentProperties Render Resolution Type=Custom Width=640 Height=480 enter Background BackgroundColor=255,255,255 enter enter -Groundplane Options On=No EnterEnd

The quality and environment for lighting are not exposed to the command-line version of DocumentProperties and I made an enhancement request to have a developer look into that: RH-62269.

Normand , thanks a lot , I’ll make good use of your suggestion .

It’s not as fast as a button to press but it’s definetly a good way to go.


Thanks Wim . That’s brilliant