Custom Preview Lineweights - jagged lines

I’m playing with custom previews inside Grasshopper especially with Custom Preview Lineweights from Human plugin. Unfortunately, I receive jagged lines and custom previewed geometry underneath is poking through.

Is there a way to set better line quality? One workaround is to mix lines with the Pipe component or even use only Pipe as a wireframe but this will not work if our goal is to receive not absolute dimensions of the lines.

I think that Grasshopper customized 3D previews with consistent results of intersecting lines and surfaces would be a perfect way to get rid of illustrator most of the time - especially when Adobe makes it so hard to keep plugins like yours Doodlebug up to date. Maybe it would also add something to the process of making animations.

unfortunately that’s about as good as it gets - Human relies on Rhino’s built-in capabilities for drawing with thickness, and unfortunately that’s just what it looks like. You can get somewhat better results by, say, scaling your lines outward slightly from your solid geometry, but there’s no easy/automatic solution.

Thanks Andrew, I hope that it will be improved one day to better utilize your components.