Custom Preview Component is lacking on/off menu

The custom preview component is lacking a right-click menu to turn preview on / off. I think the Windows version has this.

Using “Solution -> Preview selected off” as workaround.

I see the preview toggle when I right-click the Custom Preview component…

I tested again and found out what is different: for all other components you have to point to the middle section with the component name / icon to use this menu. But custom preview reacts on the jagged border on the right, where usually the pop up menu for the output parameters becomes active. Kind of confusing. Is this on purpose?

I don’t think I’m seeing what you are seeing. I’m comparing the behavior of Grasshopper for Mac in RhinoWIP (5E397w) and Grasshopper 1 in Rhino 6 for Windows. Both components seem to react the same way when I right clear near the jagged right boarder. From a code perspective, I can’t discern any difference in the mouse hit-target between the two platforms.

Here’s another screenshot with the areas marked where you have to right click for the menu.

Green: Rhino 5 for Windows
Red: Rhino 5.4 for Mac

Please compare with other components as well. It’s always the green area, except for custom preview.


i think the red area in the above is actually considered the canvas… it’s the same as selecting a component then right-clicking anywhere in blank canvas space…

as in, if i select the preview component then right-click a few inches to the right of it, i get this menu:


if i right click the area you have shown in green, i get this:


in other words, i don’t see a problem.