Custom Polar Array

Hey everyone,

Could you, please, advise me on next problem:
I need to rotate each item of polar array around its center on specific degree.
Is there already made script of maybe you can advice me on commands to use for my own?


You could do something similar to this:

Note though that you manually need to add angle values, if you increase the number of polar array elements. The number of angles must match the number of array items. This is a good method if you want to have custom rotations for each geometry. (13.0 KB)

In the above example, you could get the exact same result by generating the angles procedurally from the number of array-ed geometries.

This only works, if there is some kind of discernible pattern to the angels. I for instance gradually increase the angle by 15° degrees. (13.3 KB)

Thanks a lot! Second option is exactly what I’m looking for.