Custom Pen Display mode

Hey guys,

I was looking at this video and trying to create my own custom display mode:

So in the video, he was able to have the shadow, the custom background color and the lines(both silhouettes and edges) show up in the same time, but when I tried on mine, once I turn the shadows on it would overwrite everything, like this:

while when the shadow it turned off, I’ve actually assigned a light gray background and different colors for silhouettes and edges:

Anyone know what’s going on?

Also, is there anyway I can have the line weight skinner?
now it’s set to 1. Any chance I can make it 0.5…?


Hi - this seems to work as in the video in the Rhino 6 for Mac WIP - you can download of copy to test from this post:

Cool. Thanks!

Any idea when the Rhino for Mac 6 would officially come out by any chance…?

Hi - Rhino 6 for Mac will be released when it is ready :wink:
It has top priority but there’s still quite some things that need to be done.
You could get an indication by checking our issues tracker for open items that have 6.0 as release target. Currently, it looks like there are about 150 such items. That list can both get smaller and bigger, though and some items take considerably more time to fix than others…