Custom Installation Path for Flamingo/Penguin

I have a digital download for the full Rhino 5.0 educational suite- Rhino, Flamingo, Penguin and Bongo. Currently I have Rhino and Bongo installed on my D drive (not the C drive that the install wizard would automatically direct to). I cannot install Penguin or Flamingo to my D drive- there’s no option to choose a custom installation folder. Penguin will install to my C drive, but Flamingo won’t install at all because it doesn’t recognize that I have Rhino installed.
Does anyone know how to choose a custom installation path for Flamingo and Penguin?

Hi there,
Penguin’s installer was designed to deploy the plugIn in Program Files folder only.
At the present time there is no way to change Penguin’s deployment folder.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


You can find a article on how to resolve the Flamingo installation problem [here.] Flamingo allows you to specify the installation in this installation step: