Custom Font Creator


I need create a text font for rhino, I need add some propeties on each word, and
use the defaut rhino text input no add the text to Rhino.

Any idea?


Hi @MatrixRatrix,

Rhino just uses the fonts provided by the operation system. On Windows, these are TrueType fonts. I’m not familiar with tools that create these fonts - sorry.

– Dale

Thank you @dale, yes I know that.

I know make the regular font to but, as I say, I need special propeties on each word , like ex:


If you want to create a complete Truetype font, the classic tools are Fontographer and Fontlab. Both from the same company, but with different backgrounds.


Thank you , I kow that, the question is pass special propeties for rhino??


Hi @MatrixRatrix,

I think you need to supply more information - I for one don’t understand what your illustration is intended to convey.

What are the special properties? Does any particular character always have the same properties? What do you expect Rhino to do with the properties? Stepping up a level, what is your purpose?



I didn’t want to bore in too much detail, but,

Basically i want to create an abc with cam properties.

In this example all red dots represent a hole made in cnc, the blue line represents only a guideline for adjusting the letter position.

I want to create a font with these points, so the text composition will be easy and dynamic using rhino text, but when generating a machine gcode only the points are selected, everything else will be ignored.

It will be easy to make a script that only select points, the question is how the text is composed.

Could create several blocks for each of the letters, but it would take a long time to work letter by letter,
especially when the text is huge.

I don’t know how you understand?


I somehow doubt that you can embed information in a Windows ttf font that can get extracted by Rhino.
I suggest you take a look at the FabricatorFont plug-in that David wrote years ago:


and never finished.

Hi @MatrixRatrix,

Here’s an idea:

  1. Create your font with small dots included. Dots must not touch any other curves in the glyphs and must be smaller than any other elements.
  2. Place text in Rhino as curves in a separate layer from everything else, using your custom font.
  3. Adjust as desired.
  4. With just the text layer visible use Select Small to select only the dots and then Select Invert to swap to the remaining text curves and delete, leaving just the dots in your drawing.


There is a command to select point … may be SelPt ( I have no Rhino here … )

But you might also write a script to compose your texts.
I did something like that years ago for single stroke text to be CNC’ed.
( I think it was still Rhino 4 and so VBS :unamused: )

The script might build curves and points that compose the characters, or you might save curves and points into a file (in custom layer(s), maybe using object names) to be imported in Rhino and then used by the script to place (and maybe scale and orient) curves and points where you need them.

Thank you all, I will check all possibilities and reply feedback of result.

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