Custom Display Mode incorrectly display Mesh with Vertex Colors


I have a series of Mesh geometries with VertexColors and a custom display mode (6_ShadedDiagramatic) that I have set up since Rhino 5.

When I switch to the custom display mode, the mesh geometries are displayed incorrectly. This error is retained even if I later switch to a standard display mode (Shaded)

To recover from this, I did the following:

  1. Switch to standard display mode (i.e. Shaded)
  2. Save the model.
  3. Close and reopen the model, or run command Revert

I believe this does not alter the geometry data in the Rhino file.

Question: Is there specific settings within my custom display mode that causes this ?
In the mean time, I will compare this display mode with another custom display mode to see which setting is the culprit.

RH_DisplayBug.3dm (127.6 KB)
6_Shaded_Diagramatic.ini (13.3 KB)



Hello - checking it, thanks.
It does look like something is amiss - I can set specific vertex colors on the mesh that are ignored in this (and other)display mode. Still digging…

RH-59395 DisplayMode: Vertex color confusion


I think it’s the check box “Flat Shading” in the view display mode settings
I’m not at a computer right now but will do more testing.

RH-59395 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate