Custom degree curves

I was wondering if its possible to create custom control point curve settings to say have a degree 1,3,5,7 curve buttons in a toolbar? I do notice in the options it specifies degree 3 by default but when I hit enter its always degree 1. I always use change degree command but would be nice to just have them as separate buttons by default.

Hello - the Curve command lets you specify a degree, but curves need to have degree + 1 control points as a minimum, so if you do not place at least four points, you will not get the degree 3 curve. If you want degree 3 ‘lines’ use InterpCrv and place two points

! _InterpCrv _Degree=3 _Pause _Pause _Enter

Interpolated curves always use the asked but you do not get to place control points, only interpolated points.


Perfect thank you!

You can also create a degree 1 curve/line and use Rebuild or ChangeDegree to change the degree which also adds control points.

Hi David, That’s what I normally do (type change degree) but now thanks to a script I can simply click once and get what degree I want from the toolbar or set it to my keyboard as a shortcut :smiley: