Custom Curves trim and split problems


When you use a CustomCurveObject (SR6), once added to document it works fine, but if you trim or split it, the object cannot be selected by clicking, or selecting window (right to left) it only works selecting it from left to right , or typing the command _selCrv. furthermore it’s not ready for oSnap. Anyone knows how to solve it?

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I am not able to repeat what you are reporting with my simple example:

Can you provide a simple example that repeats the problem?

– Dale

Hello @Dale,

I attach you a dummy project with a Custom curve, and a video showing you the behaviour.
You can add the sample custom curve with the command AddCustomCircle.

As you can see on the video after a trim operation you can’t select the resulting curve clicking on it.

Thank you

MyProject1.rhp (6 KB)

MyProject1.rar (18.3 KB)

Custom_curve.mp4 (813.7 KB)

Instead of doing this:

Circle cr = new Circle(Plane.WorldZX, 15);
CustomCurveObject cObj = new CustomCurveObject(cr.ToNurbsCurve());
doc.Objects.AddRhinoObject(cObj, cObj.CurveGeometry);

Do this:

Circle cr = new Circle(Plane.WorldZX, 15);
CustomCurveObject cObj = new CustomCurveObject();
doc.Objects.AddRhinoObject(cObj, cr.ToNurbsCurve());

This improves a little bit the behaviour. The split works correctly but the trim still blocking the resulting curves.

thanks @dale

Did you tried with the trim?

I’ve added this to our issue tracking system as a bug. Thanks for reporting.

Any news from the bug?


No, not yet. But any fix won’t be available until SR9…

This bug should be fixed in SR9. Hopefully we’ll have a release candidate of this service release any day now.