Custom Cplanes do not load its ortho views in V6, as they did in V5. Why?

Hi all,

In V5, if I start with this:

and I select the red curve and set a Cplane to object to that curve I get this:

it loads my cplane in the perspective window but it also loads the orthos related to that cplane in the other views.

When I do the same in V6, it only loads my Cplane. But not the corresponding views:

Why? and how can I get this to work like in did in V5? Is there a new command?



Not sure if you pasted the same image twice here…

At any rate, does setting Rhino Options > Modeling Aids > Construction planes > Universal construction planes do the trick?

Hi Wim, yeah I did pasted the same image twice by mistake. fixed it now. And yes! that was exactly what my V6 preferences where missing. it all works now. I did not know about this option.



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