Custom cplane sees projectCplane item vanish

Aircraft wing with dihedral, I create custom Cplane so now wing is flat on the deck, draw a wing rib then project to cplane and it vanishes.

I guess there was no cplane beyond to hit to, dont understand that though. the wing profile I created sees a grey grid filling the background.


I think we are going to need to see an example.

How do I attach a file, in Outlook Express for this Rhino newsgroup, before that was closed down in preference to the web version, I simply selected paperclip and browsed to the file.


Now you simply click the Upload icon (the black cloud with the white UP arrow) [or Ctrl+G] and browse for the file.

If you use the discourse web version, you can upload and attach files using the button shown below.


Steve, when you do this, type SelLast and Zoom Selected - does that show you where the result ends up?


Or even just drag and drop the file into the message pane.