Custom button update for other users


I´ve made a custom button with inbuild python scripts and shared it between users (some of which don´t really know too much about Rhino). They just drag and drop the file and the custom button loads, no problem there.

But how should I go about updating the button in case of changes?

Drag and dropping the .rui file adds a “duplicate”. You can recognise the new one by name and disable the old in properties, but I wouldn´t want to drag inexperienced users through that.

Is there a way to update the button rather than add a new one?

We are working on Rhino 5.

Thanks in advance

Hello - can the script file be placed on a shared network location? Your button macro could still be

! -_RunPythonScript “full path and file name”

if that is consistent. I have not done this but I imagine it ought to work.


returning to a continuous problem here I was wondering wether it is possible to run the code from a webpage. If I had something like “” will Rhino recognise this as well?

Similar to what Pascal said, this link has some more details.

You can use Aliases instead of buttons if desired.

Running Python scripts from aliases or toolbar buttons - Scripting - McNeel Forum

Yes, that´s what I´m attempting to do and it´s working locally. Attempting to link a .py file through onedrive and google drive didn´t work, but those links don´t really link the file I think - they link their own web with the file displayed.

I need a way to connect someone purely through the internet. Should a permanent link like this work?

Or is that a waste of an attempt as well?

Welp … after doing some research this seems to border closely with a plugin and I don´t think I can take that route yet. Guess I´ll just have to expand the user guide to remove the previous version and hope for the best.

Anyway if there is something I missed I´ll be grateful for any advice.