Custom button update for other users


I´ve made a custom button with inbuild python scripts and shared it between users (some of which don´t really know too much about Rhino). They just drag and drop the file and the custom button loads, no problem there.

But how should I go about updating the button in case of changes?

Drag and dropping the .rui file adds a “duplicate”. You can recognise the new one by name and disable the old in properties, but I wouldn´t want to drag inexperienced users through that.

Is there a way to update the button rather than add a new one?

We are working on Rhino 5.

Thanks in advance

Hello - can the script file be placed on a shared network location? Your button macro could still be

! -_RunPythonScript “full path and file name”

if that is consistent. I have not done this but I imagine it ought to work.