Custom Beam problem

I am making several custom rectangular beam’s but when I switch between rectangular beam styles it does not change. I discovered that if I switch to a round beam first and then to the desired rectangular beam that it changes to the one I want, but it is a bit of a hassle. It seems like this might be a glitch.

Hi Sam,
How are you creating these rectangular beams? Are they different styles? or, are you creating new sizes within the same style? From where are you trying to swtich to a different style?
Please provide some screenshots or a sample file to better understand what you are trying to do.

Hi Francesc,

I discovered that I was misunderstanding how styles and sizes are supposed to work, I was making new styles for rectangular beams when I should have been making new sizes so no bug here, sorry for posting a question before fully investigating the function.


Hi Sam, no problem. Object style sizes is something that is availalble for beams, columns and openings (doors, windows and openings).