Custom Arrows Disappear Behind Bitmaps

I can’t get my custom ticks to show on a bitmap. Neither SendToBack (on Photos) nor BringToFront (on Dimensions) have any effect on this.

Hello - I’ll check this, thanks.
@djhg, so far, here, custom arrows that use a hatch disappear where one using only curves/lines does not, but the hatch does pay attention to BringToFront.

RH-57601 Custom arrows hidden


That’s the bug then. Mine’s a hatch. I use it because the only slash RHino offers is less emphatic than architectural practice uses. Can a line be used to accomplish the desired thickness or will it be locked to follow the other dim lines weight?

Hi -

From a quick test, that doesn’t seem to do the trick, no.

Note that BringToFront works fine here (and for Pascal) for a custom arrow with hatch. You might want to use ClearDrawOrder and start over.