Custom Aliases / Commands

Our old admin left us with little documentation, now in my Rhino5 Installation there is a custom command/alias (“karamba”) which does something to set the zoo license server I guess. It is defined to get executed on startup, and afterwards there is the zoo license available.
Is there any way to find out what that command does? I cannot find it in the Aliases section, are there other places to look through? I only see the Echo in the command line.

Thanks in advance!

Hello - my guess is they intended for Karamba ( to launch with Rhino.


Hmm well after typing it in the command line I can see in the command line that it somehow establishes a connection to the license server (zoo). After the command is executed the karamba license appears in the license tab (CheckInLicense).
My question is rather, if a command is recognized by Rhino, there must be some alias/bind/command somewhere, which translates this into commands that Rhino understands, or am I mistaken? Where could I find those?

Look in Options>Aliases and see if there is an alias listed under karamba. Otherwise it might be an installed plug-in in Options>Plugins…