Custom 3dm file

my plugin will write some custom data to the 3dm file.
Can I realize this function:
when users used my plugin save a 3dm file.
They can’t open the 3dm file if dose’t using my plugin.

Hi NiceDay,

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I don’t think so. If your plugin is not loaded, Rhino can still open the file. But all your commands are not available, because they are in the plug-in, not the file.

Why would you want to restrict access to the file?

It sounds like you’re trying to secure data in the 3DM file so that only authorized people have access to it. This is actually a lot harder than you might think. Remember that a security system is about trust: you trust certain individuals to maintain the security. It always comes down to human trust, regardless of the implementation.

Without knowing why you want to secure the data, it is difficult to imagine how to secure it.

If the security model is “you licensed my plug-in, so you can read the data”, this is particularly difficult to achieve, as you somehow need to share the same security credentials for all users of the plug-in to get at your encrypted data.

In order to secure the data, you’d need to write some or all of it yourself, using an encryption mechanism. This is really difficult to get right, especially if you consider that the amount and type of data you read and write will change over time - so you need to be careful about making sure you save version information with each encrypted piece.

thanks for everyone.

restrict access to the file is my company’s idea.
I also think maybe this is not a good idea.
but I still want to try to do it .