Curves to mesh

Hi all :slight_smile:

I have a complex curve model of 16232 block instances that I want to convert to a Mesh so I can export to Moi3d or maybe even C4D. I have tried the meshpatch option but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Help is much appreciated!

Thanks from a noob!

Hi Mads - sounds hellish - are these all lines, like segments from polylines?


Hi Pascal :slight_smile:

As far as I understand it’s just a lot of curves that come from an imported DWG. Guess it’s a techical drawing hence the amount of lines.
I’ve attached a picture so you can check it out.

Hm - these curves are clearly extracted from a surface model - is there any hope of getting that and saving you the trouble? If not, there’s probably enough here to guide you since the curves show the surface layout as well as being a decent sample from the actual surfaces, if I am reading this correctly.

It’s a lot of curves but I would select them all, ExplodeBlock and then Purge > UnusedBlockDefinitions=Yes, and then start modeling… That is a whole ball of wax in itself here, but I’d take the curves as a good indication of how the surfaces should be laid out.