Curves should be dominant (when overlapping surface/mesh edges)


Always found this could be better to orient myself esp with complex geometry: Curves if e.g. extracted as boundary/face border would be overridden by the surface border/edges. So you can’t see any curves if they are overlapping. Hence I choose to give them 2 pixels width but then it gets very messy esp. if you have many curves as in my case with the extracted mesh wireframes (need to have them).

So it would be cool to set curves overlapping priority to always see them. Hope you understand.

In this screenshot I marked the actual curves (not visible)


Agree, would be very useful. +1


I agree a better way to see curves that are overlapping surfaces edges would be very helpful. I often resort to using the Gumball to temporarily move curves into a new location while I work on them.

A shortcut key that makes all surfaces invisible leaving just the curves was an idea I thought might work but that is a bit clumsy. There must be a better solution.

(Willem Derks) #4

I Agree,

When z-fighting a curve should always win from an edge.



Hi guys!

What I do is use “bring forward” command, and it do the work, the only problem is that it mess up because those brought-to-front curves protrude in front of every surface in space in front of them (not only the coincident edges as we want). I already asked for a fix in that behavior but it seems that it didn’t get a lot of support.

I don’t mind to deal myself with the sorting, as far as it works in two modes: partial (to address overlapping geometry issues as you mention) and full (the classic mode that we already have). Any other solution letting the user to do the sorting works for me.


Funny thing as I’m starting to build a website with Wordpress and using Elementor for it they recently introduced the Z index feature which maybe the same as @Willem was pushing for. With Elementor this means you can change the z-index to bring things to front or reorder backwards.

(Pascal Golay) #7

@stevebaer - is there any way to force curves to draw on top of competing edges?


(Steve Baer) #8

Not built into Rhino currently if that is what you are asking. I can probably implement this in the WIP if you want to create a YT issue.

(Pascal Golay) #9

Thanks, consider it done…



Perfect! @pascal