Curves on surface of Geometry

Hi I’m working on a tube type design that will be a pendant…
Just wondered if anyone can tell me the best way to create curves on the surface of a piece of geometry ?
My plan is to create the curves then make them a pipe. Afterwards I want to delete the cylinder leaving an open work of vines that I will attach more flowers to.

Any guidance will be much appreciated

Hi Brett - probably the thing to do here is create the pattern on a flat plane and FlowAlongSrf from the plane to the cylinder. With History on, you can noodle the flat pattern and see it update on the cylinder.

@Brett_Garrett - see if the attached is anything like what you want - the flat curves are mapped from the plane to the cylinder, with History, so you can edit the flat curves and see the 3d ones update.
CurvesToCylinder.3dm (96.8 KB)


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