Curves from cam rotation


I’m trying to create a curve from a cam rotation. I used the cam in blue, rotated it and tried to create a curve using curves interpolate points, the red with 10 points and green with 19. The curves are different. Is possible to create a curve following exactly the cam rotation?

Thank you,

That looks like a candidate for Grasshopper to me.

Yes, or a script… The finer you sample it, the closer it will be, the trick is to decide how close is “close enough”. With a script, for example, it could be iterated and the deviation tested, when the deviation from one iteration to the next is less than the tolerance, it stops.


Grasshopper seems to much for me. I will try a script. Where can I learn about scripts? Should I learn more about Rhino first? Is possible to write a script where I press the space bar and a line moves a predetermined distance?


I really liked array crv plus for this kind of thing, at least for arraying and rotating something along a curve. Works really well.
Jarek has v5 version working!!! Yay!!