Curves dodging closed geometry - Landscape


I was wondering is there is any way to aproach a geometry like this. I’ve been trying with point magnets but i cant figure out how can i make that effect with a random closed curve.

Is there any additional plugin that can help me achieve this form?

Thank you very much!!

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Hello @Alex_8,

Is this what your looking for? It isn’t very clear from your explanation.

Note that you need one component from LunchBox for this to work. The dots indicate where straight, planar top and bottom bases are located. (34.8 KB)


Hello mate!

Thank you for your answer, that could be helpful somehow. The thing is I wasnt trying to get that pavement subdivision, I´m trying to make the base geometry of that project. Moving main curves around that elipse influence and then extrude smoothly to achieve those ramps. From step 3 to step 4 in the sketch above.

Sorry for my english. Thanks a lot!!

My approach also shows how to deal with that. You can simply extrude the resulting surfaces and perform other operations on them.

Don’t worry about your English! It’s fine.

Man you are a hero!!! I’m studying your definition closely and it’s perfect!!

Thank you very much!!!