Curves Display Problem

hi, so I did walkabuilty circle in some range, and displayed it in red.
now I added another circle, larger, in green, and the idea was to show both circles (red and green)
I have 3 circles, but somehow I get the result in one circle only, and in the other the green cover the red.
I have tried to move the circles points somewhere else and had the same problem.
how can I fix it?
It’s there a better way to do it?(I know I may have went complex for no reason.)


If the curves have the same shape and are in the same place, then one of them must be occluding the other. Which one ends up being visible is pretty random.

You’ll have to cut away the green curves inside the red circle too if you want the correct display in every single case.

thx, but the curve were already cut away.
eventully I figured out the problem.
I hae 3 circles, and without notice it I used the component trim with one region.
once I realized that, I changed it to trim with regions.

silly mistake.