Curves 2d to 3d

Hello, if I want to give a third dimension to this course, should we place profiles throughout the course or are there some simpler ones? Thank you .

I import an ‘SVG’ cut the ends with circles group the 2 outer curves and place the circles which are sections. But the ‘sweep2’ function does not recognize the grouping of external curves (in yellow) and the function cannot work. Thank you

Have you tried doing it in two bits? One larger branch, say all the circles apart from the two on the right branch. The the other branch and then make a transition surface between the bigger and smaller branches.

Explode and extend the curves of one of the two branches to intersect the other branch.

Then use Sweep2 to get two intersecting surfaces.

You can now trim both surfaces and join them to get the final geometry.

You can optionally fillet the seam between the two joined surfaces to get a smoother transition.

yes… ok