Curvepiping requests

when I use a curve with curvepiping applied I want to propagate that property,

In this case I have these 2 sets of 5 curves that I blended together and joined, and the new blend section has no curve piping.

Also if I set my display mode to not show curves, I want the curve pipes to still show. since they are reallt geometry objects that I want to see in my designs, not construction curves.



Hi Gustavo - I guess this would happen if both curves have piping, or the same piping? Should it follow the first picked curve?



Hi Pascal! yup. And if they have different piping the blend curve with transition in width and color between the two. …kiiiiiding! :stuck_out_tongue:

also when joining multipel curves and one/more have piping teh joined result gets piping.

oh, and a “piping Match” button on the piping property panel would be awesome.

oh, and piping preset buttons too, and ponys.

I’m not sure if you are requesting a change in policy on this one because it already does that - the first picked curve propagates its properties to the joined resulting curve.

All in all I think it’s an interesting idea but not sure if this then has implications for the rest of the Rhino behavior. If you blend two curves, should the resultant not reside on the current layer but on the layer of the first picked curve? If you offset the edge of a surface, should the result land on the layer of the surface?

In your screenshot, you have curves on the right hand side that appear to be polycurves existing of straight line segments and arcs - i.e. filleted polycurves. Are these joined into one? If so, wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that in some next step you will join these with the new blends and that by doing so, they will inherit curvepiping properties?

All polycurves that show piping were already joined. All curves are on the same layer, which is also my active layer. So to clarify I’m not asking Rhino to ignore any of those rules. Also if I marque-selected all curved (existing ones plus new blend ones) and join, they all lose the curve piping.

Also the blend curve command should have a join option just like the adjustable blend curve and I wouldn’t even have to think of any of this.

Either way you do point out a clear need for a curve piping match button since people might be creating curves in other layers, not touching, not joined…

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