Curvepiping and thickness wishes

  1. curve-piping:
    (for extra-credit:

  2. thickness:
    (for extra credit: more profiles

Maybe you can get that developer to make them as plugins?

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Those tools are good, but made for poly modeling, i think that will be hard to convert this for nurbs.

Maya/Max etc… use stack of modifiers to keep powerful history.

Rhino history is easily breakable , and work only on one direction, parent > child, instances will be preferable.

Each technologies have forces and weakness, polygons are more malleable. for me those tools are really adapted to polygonal modeling.

A good reverse engineering will be more easy to do :slight_smile:

just my 2 cents.

I never said nurbs. The whole point of curvepiping and thickness is that you can visualize when you need it and you never have to model it. It’s a render-effect. A design-decision tool. Same as shut-lining (if it looked better).

So because there are effects and they are procedurals it would be great if they have more input options.

It’s 2016. I have zero interest in Nurbs :wink:

May be you should think about acquire a polygonal modeller :slight_smile:

anyways i agree with you on possibilities to visualize , would be great.

I think I’ve acquired them all in the last 15 years of so since I started playing with them: Maya, Max, Zbrush, Modo, Silo, 3Dcoat, sketchup, Tsplines, even tried Clayoo, Softimage, Lightwave…

But I keep coming back here to be rescued from that insanity. I think McNeel can do it better. No doubt.

Soo much money investment …you forgot Blender, and it’s free

solidthinking, is a great hybrid modeller (polynurbs) , with powerful history, take a look :

The videos look great :slight_smile: I made a YouTrack item linking this thread and the videos so that they don’t get lost in time (and space).

It would help if the request was a bit more specific. If you would separate the “must have” from the “nice to have” - what stands out in the videos that you think is important?

Thanks David, I’ll give more though to priority, basically this is building on that earlier wish you and I discussed about having different ripe of profiles on curve-piping. I’ll find it here and will keep going. Stay tuned. G

Ah, yes. Here are the shutlining wishes:

I think i missed something,

Do you plan to include polytools in Rhino 6 ? sounds good

And what about reverse engineering ? ( something other that just turning quad to patch)

There is some basic plumbing in place for Sub-D modeling in the WIP.

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have fun reading :eyeglasses::

Ok thx,

there is a list of available commands somewhere ?

This is very much Work-In-Progress and commands can come and go.

Using auto-complete on the command line:

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Do these wishes track the bug where mirrored (sometimes copied or part of a block) objects don’t keep their shutlining?