Curved screen, yes or no?

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations/advice on what type of secondary monitor will work best for Rhino? I am keen to purchase a curved monitor, however, I’m curious whether this will create any distortions in the designs?

I have been using a Dell Dell Ultrasharp 34 Curved USB-C Monitor - U3419W and love it. for the better part of this last year, working from home and doing set design, 3D modeling, graphic design–if it’s being made on a computer, I’ve been doing it, and it’s effect is zero on distorting or what not.

At first, I was looking at just ultrawide monitors because I wanted that extra real-estate space to allow me good tool-bar space on the sides while still having a solid widescreen-ish area in the center for actual workspace viewing. Getting a curved screen was an obvious consideration to ensure that the viewing angle is always relative to my seated position–not having to deal with glancing reflections or color shifting as I looked at the screen at the edges. Everything works and looks great–Blender, Unreal Engine, Rhino, Photoshop–it’s been a great hardware choice. 5/7 recommend.

Evan, thank you so much for this response, this basically convinced me to go for it. Really appreciate the time you took to address this. Cheers mate.

I’ve been struggling with that same dilemma for a couple years and have been using a LG 34" widescreen before I recently switched to a curved variant of it. I use a lot of Rhino/Photoshop/etc., and I’d agree with Evan that there is not much noticeable distortion.