CurveBoolean vs Intersect and Split

Hi Mitch,
this post is old but could be useful to answer to your question.
If I make a rectangle and cut it with two circles to obtain a buttonhole (don’t know if this is the correct name) Curve Boolean is less accurate than split.

Looking near arc end you can see that we have more than one control point

If I split the rectangle with the circles and after that the circles with the two middle lines I obtain a better result.

Looking closer

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Hmm, interesting. I have never noticed this.

I see something similar here, except sometimes - I guess depending on how you pick the parts, the three control point locations could also be in the middle of the arc parts - where they intersect the short side of the rectangle. If you look at it closely, it leaves a tiny line segment in there. Sometimes I get 4 extra cps (total of 16), sometimes I get 8 (total of 20).

I suspect this is due to some sort of artificial loosening of the intersection tolerance in CurveBoolean somehow, because if I tighten the file tolerance by an order of magnitude, CurveBoolean gives me a clean result with the same control points as split/trim/join. I can’t remember who is responsible for CurveBoolean - @chuck or @lowell ?

CrvBoolExample.3dm (312.6 KB)

Yes, probably to avoid problems when a big quantity of curves are selected.
Would be better if the command ask to loose the tolerance in case the selection has a lot of intersections.

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Got that, thanks…



Have you tried with and without the “Planar” setting? Also, try using “Set XYZ coordinates” to make the (already) flat curves flat before the Boolean operation.

As you suggested, I’ve tried the Planar setting On/Off and flatting the curves to 0.0.0 but the issue is still there.
Curve boolean works well in most of the cases but the buttonhole is one of the exceptions that I know that is better to avoid.