CurveBoolean equivalent in RhinoCommon


Is there an equivalent to CurveBoolean Rhino command in RhinoCommon?

Probably not, but what would be an approach to select bunch of curves and by point that is inside some region create a closed outline? For Polylines I used Clipper library, but not for curves.

Heave you tried the CurveBoolean* static functions on the Curve class?

*Difference, Intersection and Union

If I am not mistaken, the methods you mention only works on closed curves and do not take any holes into account?

RhinoCurveBoolean has been added to the C++ SDK as of SR12. It’s a little complicated since it returns the information necessary to construct the results as nested lists of subdomains of the input curves. We’re trying to decide how best to present this in RhinoCommon.


Yes they only work on closed, planar curves; holes are never taken into account during curve boolean operations.

Hi Chuck, any news on this?

I think it’s done. @dale should have the details.

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Yep, if you are using the Rhino WIP, you can use Curve.CreateBooleanRegions. You can find a Grasshopper sample on this thread.

– Dale