CurveBoolean bug when toggling CombineRegions option

Steps for recreating the bug:
Draw any shape with some overlapping lines like this:

Select all objects and start the CurveBoolean command
Start clicking in separate regions indicating which regions to keep (note: I have CombineRegions set to “No” here)

Now let’s say I notice only after clicking in those areas that I have CombineRegions set to no but I want it to be set to yes and combine the shapes I just marked. So I toggle the option in the command line so it’s set to yes.

Now I press enter assuming it will combine the things I marked before, but it doesn’t:

I would think the command remembers where I clicked before and combines the regions together if I set the command to that, but it doesn’t. What I would have to do is in fact deselect the regions I clicked in before and click inside them again, which makes no sense. It also works the other way around.

Hello - I am not sure that would be a good thing - this allows both combining and not combining in the same run of the command - potentially useful, I’d think.


Have you ever used it like that?

edit: Well, I can see why somebody might think that’s a potential useful feature. I just cannot imagine I ever had the need for this . Or maybe there was but I didn’t think of it. I only run into this in cases like “Damnit, I forgot to change the setting” and having to undo and redoing things.
I’m curious if anybody does use it like the way you mention.

Hello - I do not know for certain how much I’ve done that but I don’t use it much in real life - however it looks to me like a useful, deliberate, part of the tool which would go away if the behavior changed as you suggest, is all I’m saying. My own expectation would be that it behaves as it does - I’d be surprised the other way, myself. Extend is somewhat analogous - you get to set the extend type for the next pick - it does not change the previous extensions, even on the same curve.


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Fair enough. I always considered it to be a bug rather than a feature but I guess it might be useful. Maybe now I know it’s like that on purpose I might actually use it, who knows.